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Cosplay is the intersection of art and character performance where you bring your favorite characters to life. Whether you are building full armored suits with wings, or throwing on a leather jacket and wig, cosplay can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be.

Cosplay Competition

Are you the #1 booktok cosplay champion?

Join us for two days of cosplay competition where you will throw down against the cosplayers of booktok! Rules and signup’s for a slot will be released in March 2025.

Iron Cosplay

Carpe Coronam

Think you have what it takes to seize the Iron Cosplay Crown? Put your skills to the test in this one hour timed competition in front of a live audience where you will have a surprise box of supplies and a random fantasy subject to guide you.

Our Inner Court

Meet the Inner Circle of Once Upon a Con

Join us Saturday for photo shoots, meet and greets, and tons of events where you will get to mingle and be a part of a day in the life of the Inner Court. Join Elain LIVE on TikTok as she goes live from the convention floor!

High Fantasy Fashion Show

The hottest Fantasy Designers hit the runway

Get ready to sit front row for the first ever Bookish Fashion Show. Join our designers from all across the world as we see some of the most amazing artists out there take to the runway with the latest in fantasy fashion.

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