Starfall Masquerade 2025

What is the Starfall Masquerade?

The Starfall Masquerade is a formal event that pays homage to the meteor showers seen over the Alpine Mountain Range in Europe during the winter ball season. It is an event that brings together all walks of life to celebrate in the revelry of the evening as equals. Originally a scandalous night of anonymity, we invite you to don your favorite mask, and join us on the dance floor for the nations largest masked ball.

Choose your Starfall Masquerade Night

Choose between the Friday or Saturday night Starfall Masquerade with the purchase of your ticket. Both masquerades include three hours of dancing with a three hour exclusive after party. The themes for each night are yet to be announced.

Dress Code FAQ

What’s Allowed

  • Black tie formalwear

  • Suits (business or formal)

  • Formal Military attire

  • Ballgowns

  • Cocktail Dresses

  • Formal Kimonos and traditional Asian clothing

  • Formal period clothing

  • Pumps/heels/dress shoes

  • Formal cosplay attire

Prohibited Costuming/Attire

  • T-shirts/casual shirts

  • Exercise clothing

  • Denim

  • Running shoes, sneakers, flip-flops, or bare feet

  • Large props and weapons (real or fake)

  • Wings with a span exceeding 24 inches across

  • Mascot costumes

  • Full head coverings such as mascot head or helmets

  • Kigurumis/onesies and romper

  • Spiked belts

  • Platemaile armor

  • Any costume made of duct tape

  • Rave gear

  • Excessively revealing clothing

  • Wet liquids on your person such as body paint or fake blood (body paint is allowed so long as it is dried and sealed)

  • Non-bustled trains on dresses and skirts

  • Excessively high platform shoes or heels

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