War Room 2025

Welcome to the trials, Cadet.


Cadets, it’s time to select your squad mates for the war games. Teams must consist of 3-4 people.

Need assistance forming your team?
Join the Once Upon a Con Discord or Facebook Group to connect with fellow cadets and find new friends to join your group.

Ensure your squad is registered by Friday, August 15, 2025.


At 1100 hours on August 15th, you are expected to report to your first war room briefing. The weekend dossier may include subjects such as history, survival, networking, creativity and innovation.

If you want the right to wear our patch, you will earn it.


Are you ready to earn your patch?

Rise to the challenge and be the first squad to complete all objectives to receive the only convention challenge coin.

Top 25 teams will earn their official Once Upon A Con flight patch

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